Suzanne Tenney
Sister of the Bride

Suzanne is Kara's sister and Matron of Honor. She was Kara's first friend and has remained the most important one. They talk every day, often several times a day, and have had MANY great adventures together. Growing up on the farm they did almost everything together....from playing Barbies, to sharing (ahem....fighting over) clothes, to 4-wheeler rides around the farm, to Kara following Suzanne to college (mainly so they could keep sharing clothes), to Kara making a record number of trips to visit her, Grayson and the kiddos when they lived abroad in Amsterdam. Where you find Suzanne, you'll likely find Kara.

Grayson (Suzanne's husband) has accepted the packaged deal, and Aman has quickly learned that as well. Suzanne has been a critical part of getting ready for the festivities, and Kara can't wait to have her support when she says "I do!"

Dhivash Bhujun

Dhivash was the first person Aman met at the international student's orientation day when he started university. From playing football together to hiking, camping and sharing many life events (and now best man at his wedding). Dhivash has been a good friend to Aman over the years leading to forming a lasting friendship that goes beyond just fun university days.

Aakash Gautam

Aman has known Aakash since kindergarten. They are from the same town, same high school (in India) and then lived not too far from each other in Philadelphia during university, playing football and attending concerts.

They spent a good amount of their time together hanging out after school at local hawkers and bantering about life. They also went to the local club to swim and watch Hollywood movies while growing up. They have seen each other grow and mature into fine gentlemen over the years.

Nishith Aggarwal

Nishith and Aman grew up in the same town and went to the same school for 13 years in India; their families also know each other quite well. After 10 years, they reconnected in San Francisco over Burmese food and have ever since hung out at the local bars and restaurants in SF over the last 3 years. They bond over squash games, spicy food, and, since covid, morning tennis games.

Nishith has been a really good friend to Aman and has seen Kara and Aman's relationship evolve over the years.

Anu & Sanjeev Sehgal
Parents of the Groom

Aman's parents, Anupuma and Sanjeev, live in Jamshedpur, India, in the home where Aman grew up before moving to the States for University. Aman is incredibly grateful to everything that his parents have done for him, and is so excited to have them by his side as he marries Kara.

Jon & Donna Rasmussen
Parents of the Bride

Jon and Donna, parents of the bride, spend half their time on the farm in Montana where Kara grew up, and half their time at their condo in Portland chasing around the grandkids. They have always supported Kara in her various endeavors, and she's so excited to have them be a part of the wedding weekend!

Holland Tenney

This wild child, only niece of the bride, is a very, very special flower girl. Strong-willed and creative, she loves to dance, looks a LOT like her "Auntie KK," loves to play balloon and color with Aman, and is extra excited about "the big party." We're so excited about her important role in our big celebration.

Max Tenney
Ring Bearer

Max Tenney, oldest and first nephew of the bride, has a special relationship with his Auntie KK and Aman. He is the best big brother, is the sweetest and most patient little boy, loves to tickle and chase KK, and play futbol and solve math problems with Aman. He's very excited about all the "treats" that he'll have throughout the wedding weekend.

Gavin Tenney
Ring Bearer

Gavin, youngest nephew of the bride, is a pure joy. Gavin loves to chase after his big brother and sister, and is SO happy anytime he's around them. Already the social butterfly, he loves to meet new people and is (usually) all smiles. Fun fact: Gavin was the first baby Aman had ever held, and they were instant buds. This will be Gavin's first wedding, and we know he's excited!