Nov 2, 2021

So excited to be celebrating this day with you both. From wondering where the hell Kara had got to on your epic 8 hour first date, to now being part of your huge celebrations, is very special! Such a beautiful couple.

Oct 25, 2021

We are so happy for you Kara! We are very sad we won’t be able to make it to your special wedding weekend.  Congratulations to you and Aman on your wedding and best wishes for a happy life together!Courtney & Chris 

Oct 21, 2021

So wonderful Kara! We are so very happy for you both and are saddened to miss these events. Wishing you both a wonderful wedding weekend and lifetime together ahead!

Oct 20, 2021

What a beautiful couple. We are so happy for you!Cynthia and Allen

Oct 9, 2021

WooHoo!!!! We cannot wait for this celebration! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Sending our love from Amsterdam XO Caitlin and Andres 

Oct 5, 2021

Looking forward to celebrating you both! Can’t wait for the fun and the festivities !!!~ Sheila and Nick Brennan

Aug 15, 2021

Can’t wait to celebrate our gorgeous Bride and Groom at the wedding of the year!! Sending you all our love! Nic & Amo

Jul 2, 2021

Can not wait to celebrate this stunning couple! Wishing you much happiness! Sam & John Abramo 

Jul 2, 2021

We are so excited to celebrate you two! Can’t wait for the big event! ❤️ Grayson, Suzanne, Max, Holland, Gavin & Lucy